Payroll Outsourcing allows to minimize the work load and risks of technical payrolling and similar processes without the need for a large department in the company for payrolling.

It is more advantageous to let a partner manage the confidential data which partner is objective and has a confidentiality commitment instead of incurring a cost for trying to hide such data from the personnel that manages and processes such data, which in return reduces the costs.

Some of the basic services provided by Nobel for payrolling are as follows:

  • Employment and discharging processes before Social Security Institution,
  • Termination of employment statement – calculation of severance and notice pay
  • Monitoring processes such as premium, advance, execution, and paid and unpaid leave
  • Calculation of overtime payments
  • Indication of meal and travel allowance on the payroll
  • Indication of individual retirement and private health insurances on the payroll
  • Minimum living allowance
  • Drafting a payroll
  • Any formal calculation and reporting for payrolls
  • Submitting monthly statement to the SSI
  • Sending bill of wages of personnel by e-mail
  • Preparing a list of bank payments
  • Providing consultancy for Labor Law and enforcement, giving necessary advices and providing information on the legal practices and changes
  • Approval of incapacity reports in the system
  • Entering the work accident reports in the system and approval of incapacity reports on the accident if any
  • Submitting statement of missing days
  • Providing information to the personnel on the calculation of payrolls to the extent permitted by the Company
  • Statements to Turkish Employment Agency
  • Reports of Turkish Statistical Institute
  • Calculation of wage of foreign employees
  • Recommendations for business life
  • Solution methods for potential problems
  • Providing legal forms required for personal files